Distributing commercial licenses

How to distribute licenses via JetBrains Account 

  • To distribute licenses to multiple users at the same time, an administrator can send them the link you can find above the License IDs. The invitation links differ for separate licenses pools (one for All Products Pack, another one for PyCharm and so on).

  • Clicking the envelope icon opens the default mail client if it's configured on your computer. Otherwise, you can copy the invitation email text manually. The invitation can be sent to as many users as there are available licenses in the license pool.

  • When a user takes a license, it becomes linked to the user's email, and the administrator receives an email notification.

Please note that License ID is used to distinguish between licenses and can't be used for product activation.

Delegation of license distribution

If your purchase is made with an email address different from the email address of your JetBrains Account administrator, the administrator will be prompted to grant management permissions for a particular order. If you own the JetBrains Account with the email address used for that order, please log in with that account to obtain license management permissions for the order.

Assignment of licenses to exact users in JetBrains Account 

  • To assign a license to a user, use the Assign link that appears next to the available licenses (those that have not yet been allocated).

  • After you click the Assign link, you will be prompted to enter the email address, first name and last name of the user.

  • To assign licenses to a group of users, use the group assignment dialog available after several licenses are selected: Click the Manage button and then click Assign licenses. In the dialog that opens, enter a comma-separated list of users to assign licenses.

  • After licenses are assigned, each of the users will receive an email with an offline Activation code and an invitation to create a new/use existing JetBrains Account to register their license.

If you wish to you use offline Activation codes instead of JetBrains Account, please do so only in environments with no access to the Internet. JetBrains Account is the preferred method of product activation because of the following advantages it provides.

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