Register an IDE using your JetBrains Account


First, make sure you have completed your JetBrains Account signup and have a license successfully assigned to your JetBrains Account. You can view licenses that have been assigned to your JetBrains Account from





Next, open the License Activation Dialog in the IDE you are using. There are 3 ways to do this:


1. During an evaluation period, click the Enter Key button in the dialog that pops up after launching the product.

2. If the product and project are already running, go to Help -> Register.



3. From the Welcome screen, click Configure -> Manage Licenses.




Once you've opened the License Activation Dialogue, select the JB Account radio option and enter your JetBrains Account credentials. (username or email address and password)


After successful registration, the License Activation Dialog will show the Licensed to information and your subscription expiration date.



If your JetBrains Account credentials do not work, you may alternatively Register an IDE using an Activation Code.



If you get the message that no suitable licenses are associated with your account, please make sure that you are using the license that covers the version of the product you are trying to use. To check the latest version of your license, use the JetBrains Account website.

If no license is available, please contact your license administrator if you use a company's license, or refer to the linking your past purchases section if you are personal license owner. If the license on your JetBrains Account website covers the correct version and still gives you an error, please contact product support.

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