Searching for licenses and users

JetBrains Account allows you to check the licenses you/your organization owns, find the users the licenses are assigned to, and obtain activation codes for these users.

To search for licenses and users, use the search box that appears in the organization, team, or product views. The scope of the search is limited to the current view.

To find multiple licenses, click multiple licenses below the search box. In the dialog that appears, you can enter multiple licenses, with each license on a new line. If the licenses are found, you will see following options:

  1. Go to Checkout - go to the JetBrains eStore and complete the order for an upgrade of the licenses.
  2. Get Quote - go to the JetBrains eStore and request a quote for an upgrade of the licenses.
  3. View Licenses - display and select the licenses in the product view.










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