Credit Card Change

Below is a step by step guide as to how to add/edit/remove a credit card from your account.

In order to change the credit card associated on your account the first step is to ensure you have an administrator (admin) account. This account must directly correlate to the account where your purchases exist.

Though you have purchases with JetBrains, you may not have an admin account setup yet. The admin account is different than the account that you create directly from our website. The admin access must be granted by a sales representative. If you do not have an admin account setup or would like to confirm (if you already have an admin account setup/ if you are the admin associated with your purchases) please contact the sales division at

  1. When you log into your JetBrains account, you will be directed to your profile home page where you will see a button to Add new Credit Card

  2. Next, you will enter in your card number, the expiration date, and the CVV (for all American Express cards the CVV code will be on the front (it will be 4 digits).

  3. Once you select Add Credit Card to your account, you will see it listed under the Credit Card section on your account.

  4. To edit this Credit Card, please click Update Card and you will be directed to re-enter the new credit card information.

  5. You also have the option to delete this credit card off of your account entirely. This can be done by selecting the Remove Card button. It will then ask to confirm the card removal.

Changing credit card for automatic charges

If you would like to change a credit card used for subscription pack automatic charges (auto-renewal), it's possible to do so right from the subscription pack view using a Change payment method button (this action is available to subscription pack  administrators only):

If you require additional assistance please contact us at

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