How do I update the credit card information for automatic renewals of my personal subscription?

Below is a step by step guide on how to update/change the auto-renewal credit card from your account:

  1. When you login to your JetBrains Account, you will be directed to your personal profile's home page
  2. Click on Payment Methods as seen in the screenshot below



Remove the old or unwanted card from the account by selecting ‘Remove card’



Your account will show 0 saved cards after removal. Then select ‘Add payment method’ on the right hand side.



3. Next, you will enter your card number, the expiration date, and the CVV. For all American Express cards, the CVV code will be on the front (it will be 4 digits).



4. Return to your license page and click ‘Setup payment’ as shown below:



5. Select the new card to be applied for auto-renewals:




You have now updated the Auto-Renewal Credit Card Information within your personal account.




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