My regular password or one-time password doesn't work in my IDE

When 2FA is enabled, you need to use an App Password to register the IDE. If you try to use your regular password, you will receive an authorization error like the one shown below.

Clicking the App Password link from the authorization failed window will bring you to the page where you can generate the App Password.




1. If you aren't taken there automatically, login to your JetBrains Account -> click Your Account in the upper left corner -> click Password.

2. Next, click Get App Password and use the authenticator app on your mobile device to generate the one-time password needed to get your App Password. You can also use a recovery code if you have one saved.




3. After entering the one-time password or recovery code, you will be given the App Password that you need to register. Copy the text of the App Password.




4. Paste the App Password into the Password field of the registration menu within the IDE and click Activate.




5. Your IDE should successfully activate after registering with the App Password.




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