Special Offer Conditions and FAQ

Special offer conditions

By clicking the ‘Activate Now’ button, you accept the terms of this special offer. For the offer to be available, you must have held an active, paid, personal subscription to any one or more JetBrains Toolbox products (excluding the All Products Pack) before April 7, 2020. The subscription must be in your name and cannot be in the name of another person, corporation, association, or other entity or organization. Access to the All Products Pack begins once you click ‘Activate Now’ and ends on the earlier of (i) 90 days after you click ‘Activate Now’ (at 11:59 pm), (ii) if all of your JetBrains Toolbox product subscriptions expire during the offer period, or (iii) you breach the terms of the subscription agreement or your subscription is otherwise canceled. You can only use this offer once and may do so no later than May 6, 2020. This offer can be used in conjunction with any other promotion or JetBrains discount. JetBrains retains absolute discretion in granting you this special offer.


How do I get the offer?

Go to your JetBrains Account, where you should see a special notification at the top about the offer. Click ‘Activate now’ to activate the offer. Once the offer is activated, you can use the products included in the All Products Pack by signing in with your JetBrains account.


I do not see the offer in my JetBrains Account

This is probably because you have closed the offer activation without using it, you have used it already, or you are not eligible for it (see the conditions above). Unfortunately, we are unable to automatically regenerate the offer. Please contact our sales department with your license ID to request access.


What happens to my current subscription once I activate the offer?

Nothing – you just have access to additional products during the 90 days.


Can I cancel my current subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your current subscription as usual (check the product subscription terms), but the free 90-day offer may be canceled as a result. Note that you may lose the continuity discount if you cancel your subscription.


I have redeemed the free offer but I don’t need it now. Can I cancel and redeem it later?

Cancelation is not possible at the moment and the offer is time-limited. We may have similar or other offers in future. Note that all products included in the All Products Pack have a standard 30-day trial you can use at any time. Otherwise, please consider purchasing a subscription.


Can I use the products in the All Products Pack for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can.


What will happen after 90 days?

After 90 days, your free access to the All Products Pack will end. You are not required to buy any additional subscriptions, and redeeming this offer does not impact your eligibility for evaluating individual products.


Can I change my current subscription to the All Products Pack?

Yes, you can. The recommended way is to use the ‘Switch to All Products Pack’ option inside your JetBrains Account after your 90 days of free use are over.


Can I share the offer with someone else?

No, the offer is not transferable.

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