I currently use an InCloud plan with a per-user subscription, where I have 3 users for free. Is anything going to change for me starting May 14, 2020?

The main change for you is the additional disk space. You will automatically be transferred to a plan with 3 GB per user in your subscription. 

The total cost of your subscription will not change. 

Your quote details will be slightly different. Since there are no more tiers in pricing, you will no longer see separate lines for the 1st-3rd users for free, 4th-100th users for 5 USD, and so on. Instead, you’ll see the total number of users in your subscription and the price per user. Since the starting price per user was 5 USD in a monthly subscription, and now it’s 4.40 USD and less, in many cases the new subscription model will be cheaper than the old one.

All-in-all, we will make sure that the total cost of your subscription will not increase if you keep the same number of users. The price calculated under the new model for subscriptions of 11-25 users may be several percentage points higher than before. In these cases, our sales department will assign a discount to your subscription to bring the price down to what it was previously. You’ll receive this discount until the number of users in your YouTrack subscription increases to the point that your total rate without the discount is lower than your rate would have been under the old conditions. 

Our sales department will email you with those details along with your first updated quote. If you have any questions, please contact our sales team.

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