Assign a license from the License Certificate email

Once you place an order for a Commercial Subscription, you will be emailed a License Certificate with your order and license information.


You'll only need to assign new licenses to end users. If you've purchased a renewal, it will be automatically applied to the end user's license.


Click the software activation link - it is in the body of the email and on the .pdf copy of the License Certificate.





In the Bulk Sharing tab, you can copy the invitation link and send it to the end user via email, or a messaging app for them to accept the license:





Alternatively in the Licenses tab, you can click Assign and enter the end user's name and email address to assign them the license.








If you haven't done so already, it's recommended that you create a JetBrains Account so that you can login to view and manage the licenses that you have purchased at any time in the future.


You can use the Get a JetBrains Account link to create a login, or sign into an existing one for managing your licenses.

Please note you must use the same email address that the License Certificate was delivered to, otherwise you'll need to request permission from the original order recipient.






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