What is a continuity discount?

What is the continuity discount?

The continuity discount is a special discount to reward our customers for timely and uninterrupted subscription coverage. This is available for all our IDE and .NET subscriptions (including our All Products Pack).

The annual breakdown is the following:

  • 1ST YEAR: New annual subscription price
  • 2ND YEAR ANNUAL: 20% off of the new annual subscription price
  • 3RD YEAR ANNUAL ONWARD: 40% off of the new annual subscription price

For monthly users:

Monthly subscription users will also receive the continuity discount after 12 continuous months of uninterrupted payments. The continuity discount reflects the same discount percentage as yearly subscription customers.

  • 1st to 12th MONTHLY Payments: New monthly subscription price
  • 13th to 24th MONTHLY Payments: 20% off of the new monthly subscription price
  • 24th MONTHLY forward: 40% off of the new monthly subscription price

Continuity discount is license-specific

Each separate subscription receives continuity discounting based on when it was originally purchased. Continuity discounting for one subscription does not apply to another.

For example, if you have paid for a WebStorm subscription for 2 continuous years, this makes you eligible for a 40% discount to WebStorm, but if you now buy ReSharper, the discount is not transferred to the new ReSharper subscription. 

Or if you have a paid IntelliJ IDEA subscription for 2 continuous years that is receiving the 40% continuity discount and now purchase a 2nd subscription for IntelliJ IDEA, the new license will start at the first year pricing.

Missed renewal date

If you missed a renewal date, you can still pay for a backdated renewal. The renewal cost will be increased for the unpaid period, but your continuity discount will remain for future renewals. This option is available for 6 months after the missed renewal date for annual subscriptions and 1 month for monthly subscriptions. Apart from paying for backdated renewals, if you are in breach of the relevant subscription or license agreement, your continuity discount ends and you are not entitled to the discount under your current subscription.

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