I received a coupon code for a JetBrains license, how can I use it?

Coupon codes can be applied at the checkout page from our eStore.

Click "Buy Now" for the desired Product, and enter your email address to proceed to the checkout page. There you will see the "Have a discount code?" link where you can apply your coupon code.






The discount should reflected on the checkout page after the coupon code is applied. Complete the form with your contact information and click "Place Order". Once your order is confirmed, you will receive an email with your subscription and further instructions on how to activate your Product.




 If you have received a 100% off coupon code for a complimentary subscription, it can be redeemed at https://www.jetbrains.com/store/redeem/





 Simply complete the form with your coupon code and contact information. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive an email with your subscription and further instructions on how to activate your Product.






The coupon code will indicate information such as:

  • the license type that you can redeem it on (personal or commercial)
  • the value of the discount
  • what products the coupon code can be used for
  • whether the coupon can be used for a new purchase, or for a renewal
  • when the coupon expires, if applicable










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Complimentary subscriptions or licenses are provided via coupon codes that have a 100% discount applied to them. To use them, you need to follow the normal purchase process, making sure that you apply the discount coupon on the check out page before checking out. 

The following walks you through the steps for obtaining a complimentary annual subscription for an IntelliJ IDEA individual license

1. Select the product, type of subscription and duration from the corresponding Buy page by clicking on the Buy button. It is important to make sure that you're selecting the correct product for which the coupon is valid. For instance, a complimentary subscription for an Individual IntelliJ IDEA license will not work with a Commercial IntelliJ IDEA subscription.




2. Start the purchase process, entering an email account. If you already have purchased in the past, you can use the same email address. 


3. If you are a new customer, select Country



4. Verify the product is correct.



5. Click on the link Have a discount code?


6. Enter the provided discount coupon 


7. Verify that the coupon has been applied correctly. If it's 100% discount, it will remove the payment details from the form, and your total amount should be 0. 


8. Enter your personal details and click on the Place Order button



Your order should be confirmed, and you will receive further instructions on how to activate your subscription or obtain your license.


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