Add or remove administrators to a team profile

An Organization Administrator can add or remove Team Administrators for teams within the organization profile.

Note: Existing Team Administrators can also add or remove other Team Administrators, but only for Teams they are currently managing. A Team Administrator cannot add or remove an Organization Administrator.


To add or remove a Team Administrator:

  1. Login at
  2. On the left, click your Organization / Team name.

  3. On the left, click Teams.

    Note - if you are a team Administrator and don't see the Teams option below, skip to step 5.


  4. Click on the Team Name you want to add or remove a Team Administrator for.


  5. On the left, click Administration for the Team you have selected.


  6. a. You can add a new Team Administrator by clicking Invite Administrator and sending the invitation link to the intended Team Admin.
    b. You can also remove an existing Team Administrator by clicking Remove next to their email address.


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