Licensing options

JetBrains Account

After a company's license is assigned to a user, the assignee of the license needs to create a JetBrains Account or use an existing account to register the product. The list of licenses assigned to a user can be found on the JetBrains Account website by end-user authorized with related JetBrains Account.

Licenses owned by an individual customer appear on the JetBrains Account website. To see the licenses in their account, a user has to be authorized with JetBrains Account connected to the email(s) used for earlier purchases or have the JetBrains Account manually linked to the purchases.

Activation Code

A commercial license user or personal license owner can obtain the activation code from the JetBrains Account website by using the "Download activation code" link. Please note that this licensing option is not available for JetBrains Product Pack for Students.

Legacy License Key

A legacy license key for versions released before November 2, 2015, can be obtained on the JetBrains Account website either by the licensed user or the personal license owner.

Note: if you want to generate a Legacy License Key for your existing license for the All Products Pack, ReSharper Ultimate + Rider, or dotUltimate, please contact JetBrains Sales for assistance.

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