How is the Subscription Pack Payment date calculated?

The payment date on subscription pack(s) is set independently from the licenses' expiration date. The payment date may be adjusted to ease an organization's budget management. If a company has many subscriptions and would prefer to renew at different times throughout the year, then multiple subscription packs would be best.  If subscriptions are lumped into one subscription pack, then they will be co-termed annually.

On the payment date:

  • Payment is charged automatically if you have a card or PayPal account linked to the subscription pack.
  • A reminder email is sent if there is no payment data linked to the subscription pack.

The payment date on the subscription pack can be changed by submitting a request to the Sales department.

When a subscription pack comes due, all subscriptions within that subscription pack that are coming due during the following year will be renewed automatically using the card on file (if auto-renew is checked). The amount charged will be prorated based on when the subscription expires and the next renewal date of the subscription pack. The new expiration date for all subscriptions will fall on the next renewal date of that subscription pack, allowing for all subscriptions to co-term.

Any change to a subscription pack's billing period leads to a corresponding change in the license renewal period and consequently to a corresponding change in the amount collected on the date of payment. Any change of renewal period neither changes the payment date nor imposes any other immediate changes.

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