How to Install and Activate ReSharper?

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to install and register your ReSharper product.


  1. Download the ReSharper installer.
  2. Run the ReSharper installer you have downloaded and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.
  3. Review the ‘Available Products’ and select ‘Install' for the products you want to install. Note that the ReSharper license covers ReSharper and ReSharper C++ extensions, but if you need to use the other JetBrains .NET tools such as dotCover, dotTrace, dotMemory, or Rider, you’ll need to purchase a dotUltimate or All Products Pack license.
    Screen_Shot_2020-08-12_at_20.13.06.png Screen_Shot_2020-08-12_at_20.13.15.png
  4. You will see the following when the installation is complete.


  1. During the installation, a registration form will appear. It can be also opened afterward aVisual Studio | Extensions | ReSharper | Help | License information:
  2. Select how you want to register ReSharper. Select a checkbox to pick the method you would like to use to register ReSharper
    • using your JetBrains Account credentials,
    • license keys,
    • license server.
    Please note, do not select more than one checkbox, this will not allow you to register
  3. Select 'OK'

ReSharper is now installed and registered to your active JetBrains license.

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