Enable two-factor authentication

You can turn 2FA on from your JetBrains Account by clicking Password from the Your Account section as shown.




Step 1 of 3. Before you begin

Click Enable 2FA.

Read the details regarding 2FA, then enter your your password:




Step 2 of 3. Enable two-factor authentication

Download and install an authenticator application to your mobile device from the list of recommended apps.

Once installed, open the authenticator application on your mobile device and scan the QR code provided, or enter it in manually.

Then, use the authenticator application to generate a 6-digit verification code and enter it into the one-time password field.




Step 3 of 3. Two-factor authentication is set up

You will be provided with 10 recovery codes. These can be used to sign in if you aren't able to access your mobile device, so PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SAVE THESE RECOVERY CODES IN A SAFE PLACE. Each recovery code can only be used once, but you can re-generate a new set of 10 codes at any time.

We also provide an App Password. If your JetBrains product isn't prompting you to enter a one-time password when you sign in, you can use the App Password instead of your regular password. The App Password can only be used if two-factor authentication is turned on.




After clicking close and you will see that Two-factor authentication is switched on.

You can view your recovery codes, get your App Password, and also disable 2FA from the screen below. To get to this page, login into your JetBrains Account -> click Your Account -> click Password as shown in the beginning of this article.




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