What are General Credits?

General Credits can be used in Space Cloud to purchase additional users during the paid subscription term, to settle overdraft charges for additional computation credits (previously CI credits), storage, and data transfer, or to pay for a part of the next Space subscription term.

There are a few circumstances in which General Credits will be added to your Space customer account:

  • Purchase General Credits in advance directly from JetBrains or via a reseller.

  • General Credit refund for inactive users, which occurs when some of your active users become inactive during a subscription term and JetBrains refunds the prorated amount you paid for these users in the form of General Credits.

  • General Credit refund for downgrade, which occurs when you downgrade to a lower paid subscription plan or Free subscription plan and JetBrains refunds the prorated difference in the form of General Credits.

  • Assigned by JetBrains as compensation for an SLA breach (Enterprise subscription plan only, subject to special Enterprise terms).


During the payment process, we will always apply any available General Credits before processing the rest of the payment using the set default payment method.

You can check your current General Credits balance on the Space Administration | Usage page in your Space organization or in the JetBrains Account. You can purchase more General Credits at any time in the JetBrains Account.


General Credits are not real money (“legal tender”), a currency, a cryptocurrency, vouchers, or prizes. Although they can be purchased from us, Credits cannot be resold, traded, transferred, or exchanged. General Credits are not refundable, and they will expire if you stop using Space. 

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