What are the "redistributable products" that are mentioned in the Toolbox Subscription Agreement?

This article will help you understand the difference between what we refer to as 'Products' and what we call 'Redistributable Products' in our Toolbox Subscription Agreement.


JetBrains has its flagship line of products that we license/sell for a fee. These are integrated development environments (IDEs) and work similar to MS Word in the sense that you use them to write and analyze text (code). Examples are IntelliJ IDEA, Rider, dotMemory. You can see more details about our product line here - https://www.jetbrains.com/help/


Redistributable products are not the IDE products mentioned above that you purchase from us. These are mostly independent modules or even standalone-products that provide extended functionality to the IDEs and are provided free of charge. Examples of these are as follows:


Our Redistributable Products are mostly what you would call APIs or SDKs. In some cases, Redistributable Products let you collect profiling data on applications running in development or end-user environments, which can be then analyzed in our IDE products. This gives you additional functionality.


JetBrains’ IDEs and Redistributable Products are primarily designed to be used by you to develop your own programs, algorithms and analyses with the aim of selling such work later. The restrictions in the Toolbox Subscription agreement are primarily targeting cases where you would be making a profit on the sale of our own tools.

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