What is our licensing model?

JetBrains adopted a subscription-based licensing model for selected products on November 2, 2015.  This new model allows our customers to purchase monthly and yearly subscriptions for one or more products.

Renewing your subscription will keep it active, allowing you to continuously install and use the latest versions of the Products as they are released.  Please note, our subscription-based licensing model also grants a perpetual fallback license.

Subscriptions of least 365 consecutive days qualify for a Perpetual Fallback License. The Perpetual Fallback license lets you keep using the subscribed to products forever at no additional cost if you have ever decided to not renew your subscription. However, the Perpetual Fallback License will be limited to the version of the product available at the time of purchase or 12 months prior.

An All Products option is also available providing our customers with access to all our desktop products (IDEs, utilities, and extensions). 


For JetBrains Team Tools

  • TeamCity, YouTrack Standalone, and Upsource are covered under a normal perpetual licensing model.
  • YouTrack InCloud and Space are covered under a subscription licensing model.
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