JetBrains Account API

JetBrains Account API allows managing licenses and receiving the statistics and information from your JetBrains Account automatically.

This option is available for companies who requested this feature. If your company also needs JetBrains Account API, please contact us.

The API allows getting licenses’ information, assigning and revoking a license from a user and other methods. The JetBrains Account role defines the appropriate access to the API methods. For more details, please visit JBA API reference.


There are three levels of managing the API:

  • Organization administrator: can enable (disable) the API, generate (re-generate) a token for themselves and remove access tokens for everyone in the organization including other organization administrators.
  • Team administrator: can generate (re-generate) and remove an access token for everyone in the team and for other administrators of this team.
  • Viewer and Primary contact: can generate (re-generate) and remove an access token for itself. Viewer’s and Primary contact’s token allows read-only API access.

How to Enable API

Only organization administrator enables the API performing the following steps:

  1. Go to the JetBrains Account | Licenses | <Organization name> | Administration.JBA-API-home-page.png
  2. Click the Enable API button to make the API available to organization and team administrators, viewers, and primary contacts. If there's no such an option, it means the API is already enabled or your organization doesn't have access to the JetBrains Account API.

To disable the API, the organization administrator should click the Disable API button. If your organization has several administrators, each of them can enable and disable the API. 

How to get access to methods

To obtain access to methods, you need to have two access tokens. 


Customer code is a unique Organization ID. Go to the JetBrains Account and find the number near the corresponding company name. Pass this value to the X-Customer-Code parameter.



This access token is generated via the JetBrains Account | Licenses | <Organization or Team name> | Administration by clicking the Generate Token button.


Your access token remains the same despite the disabling and enabling of the API.

A user has a single token even if it has several roles. While a user has at least one role, the token will remain the same. If a user loses all the roles its access token would be automatically removed.

An ability to re-generate and remove the token appears after generating it for the first time. For the information about removing rights, see the Roles section.

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