What are the subscription options for Space On-Premises?

Space On-Premises is available as a service provided by JetBrains and its paid pricing plans start from $25 per user/month (billed annually), with a Free plan available for up to 10 users with all the basic features.

We offer four pricing plans which provide the following range of product features, support options, and other parameters:

  • Free

    • 20,000 searchable messages.
    • 1 custom issue field.
    • 10 applications or integrations.
    • 3 concurrent automation workers.

    • 1 guest member.

    • Up to 10 users.
    • Free forever!

  • Organization

    • Unlimited applications, integrations, custom issue fields, and searchable messages.
    • 10 concurrent automation workers.

    • 1 guest member per 4 active members.

    • $25.00 per user/month (billed annually).

  • Enterprise

    • JetBrains All Products Pack.
    • Unlimited applications, integrations, custom issue fields, and searchable messages.
    • 50 concurrent automation workers.

    • 1 guest member per 4 active members.
    • $125.00 per user/month (billed annually).

Space On-Premises subscriptions can be billed annually.

To see the prices in other currencies, please refer to the pricing page. The base price is shown in US dollars. Prices in other currencies are provided for reference and are calculated based on the approximate conversion rate. The final price will be provided at the checkout, and it may differ from the reference prices due to the current currency conversion rates used by JetBrains.

The subscription options also offer different sets of features, with basic features available in all plans, and advanced features included in higher pricing plans. Here is the breakdown of features and support options by pricing plans:

Free plan
Organization plan
includes all features from the Free plan PLUS
Enterprise plan
includes all features from the Organization plan PLUS
- Chats
- Team directory with member profiles, locations, teams (incl. complex hierarchy)
- Absence and Vacation management
- Meeting management
- Built-in calendar
- Internal blogs
- Projects
- Issue tracker
- Issue boards
- Checklists
- Project documents
- Collaborative editing in blogs, documents
- Git hosting
- Online code browsing and editing
- Code reviews
- Merge requests
- Git repository mirroring
- Automation & CI/CD
- Package management
- IDE integration
- Built-in authentication module

- Google Calendar Integration (personal calendars) [planned]
- Private meetings
- External participants in meetings
- Protected Git branches
- Package repository mirroring
- Ability to purchase additional resources (Computation Credits, Storage, Data Transfer)
- Additional authentication modules (Google, GitHub)
- Additional permission management

- Custom fields (in member profiles, issues)
- Private projects and repositories
- Ability to attach repositories, books, boards, and other entities to multiple projects
- Custom roles
- Custom absence types
- External calendars integration (Google Workspace/G Suite Calendar, Microsoft Office 365/Outlook Calendar) [planned]
- Room booking for meetings
- Private books in documents [planned]
- Advanced permissions editing
- Quality gates in merge requests
- Git push restrictions
- Public package repositories
- Multi-repo code reviews
- Advanced reporting [planned]
- Data residency [planned]
- Additional authentication modules (Active Directory, SAML 2.0, OAuth2)


- Absence approvals
- Custom location types [planned]
- Multiple-team feeds [planned]
- SCIM [planned]
- HR Absence reports [planned]
- Company-wide knowledge base [planned]
- Enterprise features for account administration and management [planned]
- Compliance exports [planned]
- Regional Git replication [planned]
- Scheduled upgrades
- Initial onboarding
- Multi-year commitment agreements

- Support via email within 2 business days (first reply)

- Community support

- Support via email on the same business day (first reply)

- Dedicated success manager and account manager

- Phone support


We are working on more Space features in all product modules (see the roadmap), and this feature breakdown by pricing plans doesn’t include all the features we have planned. We’ll map new features to the appropriate subscription plan as they near release.

You can find more information on the Space Features page.

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