Is overdraft available on the Space On-Premises paid plans?

Yes, the overdraft is now available for members on all paid plans.

That means that during your paid subscription term, more members can use your Space organization than are available on your plan if you have the overdraft option enabled. The overdraft needs to be settled when you renew, upgrade, or downgrade your Space On-Premises subscription. You can always check your current number of members and configure the overdraft option on the Administration | Billing & Plans page in your Space organization.

Please note that the overdraft option is not available on the Free plan.

In most cases, the 50% overdraft on top of your pre-paid members is provided, so for a 100 members subscription, you can add up to 150 members thanks to a 50 members overdraft.

How does JetBrains know how many additional members to charge at the end of the subscription period?

As your Space On-Premises organization doesn't connect to JetBrains servers, all the administrators must upload their yearly license usage report to their JetBrains Account.

To download the report file, go to your Space instance and click Administration | Billing & Plans | License Usage | Yearly report. Please take a look at the documentation to learn more about the process.

The information in this report will be used to determine whether your Space organization usage has stayed within the limits of your current subscription plan. If you have exceeded any of the limits, additional charges will be added to your new subscription plan at checkout.

What happens if I reach an overdraft during the subscription duration?

In this case, you can upload the license usage statistics following the instructions above and proceed to the checkout. Upon finishing the payment, a new license with a new number of members and new overdraft parameters will be issued.

How much do the additional overdraft members cost?

JetBrains charges standard prices for members according to the pricing plan you choose. The license usage report is granular, and we always co-term these additional members with your main Space On-Premises subscription. Practically, that means that if you've got an overdraft member in the middle of your annual subscription, you will be charged only 50% of the annual price for this overdraft member.

Is there an overdraft for automation workers?

There is no overdraft for automation workers at this point, so if you need to add more automation workers, you need to purchase them.

Is the overdraft available via resellers?

No, not at this point.

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