Renewing Subscriptions

Business and organization licenses can only be renewed by organization account admins and team admins. If you are the admin of your organization’s account or an admin of a team, please log into your JetBrains Account and click the organization/team name on the left-hand side. After locating the license you wish to renew, please select it, click on Upgrade|Pay for the next period. If the license you selected has not been renewed since November 2nd, 2015 and is still under our old licensing model, you will be able to upgrade it to our new licensing model and receive a 20% discount (discount available until December 31st, 2017).
Auto-renewal can be set up for Subscription Packs and can be managed by organization account admins. Active subscription packs have the "Setup payment" option for enabling auto-renewal. Only subscription packs that have auto-renewal enabled will have the "Disable auto-renewal" button available.


For individual licenses, please log into your JetBrains Account and click on the “Renew subscription” link. If your license has not been renewed since November 2nd, 2015, please use the Switch to subscription option. It will switch your license from our old licensing model to the new one.
Auto-renewal is on by default for individual users. To disable auto-renewal, please log into your JetBrains Account, click the Payment Methods link, and detach the payment method.


If you are having difficulties accessing your account and renewing your licenses, please Contact Sales.

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