Value Added Tax (VAT) and Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Why do you apply VAT or GST to my order? 
As a global supplier, we are bound by international laws and tax regulations. In order to comply with the local tax requirements, we have either registered for this tax in your country or entered into a partnership with the global service provider TAXAMO CHECKOUT LIMITED Ltd. ( that will be the party liable for VAT / GST in place of JetBrains. Please note that the price of your order is only increased by your local VAT / GST; all other fees and related expenses are borne directly by us. In countries where we’ve entered into a partnership with Taxamo, this change does not affect your relationship with JetBrains. We continue to supply our products directly to you and serve you as our customer

Do prices on your website already include taxes?
No. As the VAT / GST rate differs from country to country, the final VAT / GST amount is added to the price only in the shopping cart.

The VAT/ GST on my quote is shown in US Dollars. Where can I find the equivalent tax in my local currency?
We only sell in USD in your country. An equivalent amount in the local currency may be additionally included in the invoice in order to meet local requirements, but this has no impact on the payment amount which is made in USD.  

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