Before you start using your JetBrains Account, especially if you manage your organization's licenses, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the basic concepts and terms we use: 

Commercial license

A commercial license is the standard licensing option for companies. Commercial licenses can be used by anyone working for the company that owns the licenses. For more information, see Licensing and Purchasing FAQ

Personal license

A personal license is the discounted licensing option for private individuals purchasing a license by and for themselves. A personal license can be used by the owner of the license for any kind of development, including commercial development. For more information, see Licensing and Purchasing FAQ.

Assigned license

An assigned license is a commercial license designated for an employee of a company that owns the license. A commercial license can be assigned to:

  • A contact, which allows the assignee to use the offline Activation code she/he received.
  • A JetBrains Account, which allows using either an offline Activation code or the online JetBrains Account.
  • License Vault, the license distribution tool for organizations with 50 or more licenses.

License key

A license key is an alphanumeric combination that uniquely identifies a specific software license. Together with the name of the license owner, the key can be used to activate the software.

A license key is used for registration of per user products released before November 2, 2015, and actual team-ware products. License key for previous versions of per user products can be obtained by the assignee of particular license in Licenses tab at JetBrains Account website

Activation code

A license key is an alphanumeric combination starts with license id that uniquely identifies a specific software license. License id can be used for any operations with activation code or related license.

An activation code can be used to activate per user products released since November 2, 2015. Offline activation code for the assigned license is available for the generation in both a licensee and end-user JetBrains Account. The activation code should be replaced with a new one each time the subscription is prolonged.


An invitation is a URL that is created in a specific team to distribute commercial licenses for a specific product. When a user receives this link and accepts the invitation, the license is moved from the team's pool and is assigned to the user's JetBrains Account.

The invitation link can be distributed to multiple users as long as there are as many available licenses in the team's pool as future assignees. Please note that the invitation link can be used only once by the same user. If necessary, an expiration date can be added to the invitation link when it is created.


A team is a space on the JetBrains Account website that corresponds to an organization's unit. The administrator of that unit can purchase and distribute a part of the organization's licenses associated with that unit. If an organization has a single team, the team is automatically merged with the organization profile. A team can be viewed and managed by JetBrains Account users who have the administrator's role in this team or the administrator's role in the organization to which the team belongs. For more information, see Roles and permissions.

The ultimate owner of a team's licenses is the organization that owns the account.

Organization profile

An organization profile is a space on the JetBrains Account website which corresponds to an organization that owns commercial licenses for JetBrains software. If the organization has multiple units, which manage licenses independently, these units can and should be separated as teams within the organization.

An organization's profile is viewed and managed by an account administrator—a JetBrains Account user who has the administrator role/permission in the account. This user also has full access to the licenses of all the teams in the account. For more information, see Roles and permissions.

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