Why use the JetBrains Account?

JetBrains Account offers the ability to register your JetBrains products and use invitations to manage and distribute your purchased licenses.

Here is how you can benefit from all the new possibilities:

  • Easy distribution and management:
    Once an invitation URL is sent out inside your organization or published on your intranet, license management requires zero extra effort. When someone new joins the team, they register and just start using a product they need. If a developer no longer needs a product license, you can easily revoke it from them so another developer can start using it. Instant notification messages for all operations provide 100% control for the manager.

  • Simplified accountability:
    You get a clear picture of who's using each product. You can also easily configure team accounts for separate budgeting and license management within your organization.

  • Zero-hassle product upgrades:
    First, since you have a clear understanding of who is using what, it is much easier to make decisions about upgrades: you can do it selectively on a per-team basis, or even per developer if necessary.

    Second, when you upgrade or renew your licenses, no action is required from product users. They simply install new versions of the product and continue using it with the same JetBrains Account credentials.

  • One "key pair" for all products:
    This key is your JetBrains Account login name combined with a password. You use them to work with all JetBrains products. Even if you use the same product at work and have a personal license for it, too, you can use a single JetBrains Account for both.

  • Your licenses are all in one place:
    All your licenses are gathered on your JetBrains Account page. No more searching for old records with license details when you need to install a product on a new computer.

Things to consider:

An Internet connection is required to register a JetBrains Account, accept an invitation and sign into a product. However, no Internet connection is required on a daily basis to work with software.

Why you may prefer generating activation codes:

The use of activation codes as an authentication method is provided for if your developers are hidden behind a firewall and have no access to the Internet to accept an invitation, register a JetBrains Account or sign into a product.

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