Can I use the same JetBrains Account for both personal and company licenses?

Yes. Your personal licenses and the commercial licenses which assigned to you with an invitation can be connected to the same JetBrains Account. You can see these licenses when you click your username in the Licenses section. You can use your JetBrains Account to activate JetBrains software corresponding to these licenses.

Company licenses are connected to the team/organization profile. If you have the administrator role in one or more team/organization profiles, you can see these profiles in the Licenses section. Click the profiles to view and manage the corresponding company licenses.

Note that if you are an admin in the team/organization profiles, the licenses you see cannot be used to activate JetBrains software with your JetBrains Account. To make this possible, navigate to the list of licenses, copy the invitation link, paste it into the address bar of your browser, and go to the URL. The assigned license will then appear in the JetBrains Account under your username.

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