Inviting administrators to a team / organization profile

Initially, administrator permissions in a team/organization profile are given to the person whose email address was used for purchasing the commercial licenses for this team/organization.
If necessary, more administrators can be invited to the team/organization. All of the administrators of the same unit have equal permissions. For more information about the administrator role, see Roles and Permissions.

To invite a new administrator:

  1. In the Licenses part of your JetBrains Account, go to the team/organization profile and select Administration.
  2. In this view, you will see the list of all administrators of the team/organization. Click Invite User | Invite Admin.
  3. Copy the invitation message and the invitation link from the dialog that appears and send it to the person you want to invite, or click Go to email client to open the message in your default email client.
  4. To accept the invitation, the invited person should click the link in the email and then specify their existing JetBrains Account credentials, or create a new account. This account will then get administrator permissions in the team/organization profile.






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