Register an IDE using an offline activation code

Once you have been assigned a license, you can register the IDE using an offline activation code.


* please note that offline activation codes are not provided with our free individual licenses for education. Please use your JetBrains Account credentials if you have a student license.



To generate the activation code, login to your JetBrains Account and click the Download activation code for offline usage link.


Do not use the generate legacy license key unless you are using a version of a product that was released before November 02, 2015.




Here is what the offline activation code will look like:



Next, open the License Activation dialogue box in the IDE by going to the Help -> Register menu.






From the License Activation dialogue box, select the Activation Code option.




Copy/paste or drag and drop the entire text file of the activation code into the empty field, then click Activate.



You can double-check to ensure you are properly registered from the Help -> Register or About menu inside the IDE. It will show who the installation is licensed to, as well as the subscription expiration date.







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