What license options are available?

Code With Me has three types of licenses for hosts. 


The Community Plan is free of charge and offers a great opportunity to test Code With Me’s feature-rich functionality. With the Community Plan, you can create an unlimited number of 30-minute sessions and invite up to 3 guests to join you in your IDE. 


The Premium Plan is better suited for larger teams and for those who need more time and space for collaboration. With a Premium subscription, you can still create an unlimited number of shared sessions, but those sessions won't have any time limits. Also, this plan allows you to invite up to 50 guests. The Premium Plan is available with annual or monthly billing cycles, and the price starts at just $5.00 per month. 


These users have free access to a Code With Me Premium Plan:


The Enterprise Plan includes exclusive access to the Code With Me on-premises solution. Enterprise users can host up to 100 guests and run concurrent collaborative sessions according to the number of active licenses. The subscription is available starting from 10 host licenses, and an annual host license costs $400.00 (please check the product's pricing page to see the prices in other currencies). To get a feel for all the functionality, please sign up for a 30-day trial


Note: Guests do not need a license to join a shared session. 

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