How can I start a free AI Assistant trial?

Free trials of AI Assistant are available to users with paid JetBrains IDE subscriptions. If you’re using a free version of a JetBrains IDE, you can only start using AI Assistant after you’ve purchased a JetBrains AI Pro subscription. Refer to this article to learn more about trial availability.

To start a free AI Assistant trial:

1. Check your IDE version

You need version 2023.3 or later to use AI Assistant. If you're using an earlier version, update your IDE.

2. Make sure your IDE is activated with a paid license

It can be a personal subscription or a commercial license provided by your employer.

If you’re using a Community Edition IDE or a free JetBrains license provided with one of our community programs, you won’t be able to start a trial. Learn more about trial availability

3. If you’re using a commercial license provided by your employer:

  • Make sure the license is assigned directly to your JetBrains Account.
    If you obtained your license from License Vault or License Server, you won’t be able to start a trial. Talk to your employer about requesting a corporate AI Assistant trial.
  • Make sure AI Assistant is enabled in your organization.
    If you see an AI Assistant is disabled by your company message, ask your organization admin to enable it. Here are the instructions for admins on how to enable AI Assistant.

4. Start your trial

Follow the instructions provided in your IDE’s documentation to start your trial. For example, here are the instructions for IntelliJ IDEA.

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