How do I enable AI Assistant for my company?

You must have organization administrator permissions to complete these steps. 
If you need help getting administrator permissions for your company's profile, please contact our Sales team.

To enable JetBrains AI Assistant for your company, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your JetBrains Account with organization administrator permissions. If you don't have administrator access or need further help setting up AI Assistant, contact our Support team.
  2. In the menu on the left, click on your organization’s name.
    Enter organization profile.png
  3. In the menu under the organization’s name, select Administration.
    Select Administration.png
  4. In the Settings section of the Administration page, you can see the AI Assistant status. It’s disabled by default. To enable it for your company, click Enable.

    Enabling AI Assistant for your developers might take up to one hour. As a quicker alternative, a developer can manually reacquire their IDE license and AI Assistant license.

    This setting manages your developers’ access to the JetBrains AI Assistant plugin only. It does not affect AI features provided by other vendors via separately installed plugins.

    At the moment, users can't start an AI Assistant trial if their license was obtained from License Vault or License Server. To try JetBrains AI in your company, please request a corporate trial. Learn more

Not sure about using the AI service? Talk to our Customer Success Engineering team. Our experts help your developers maximize their productivity with our tools and solve any technical problems with our products in your environment.

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