Why don’t I see an option to start an AI Assistant trial in my JetBrains Account?

Free trials of AI Assistant are available to users of paid JetBrains IDE subscriptions. If you don’t see the option to start a free trial, here’s what may be causing it.

You’re using an older version of your IDE

Make sure your IDE is updated to version 2023.3 or later.

Your IDE license doesn’t qualify for a free trial

Refer to the trial availability table to check if your IDE license qualifies for a free trial. If it doesn’t, you can only start using AI Assistant after you’ve purchased a subscription.

You obtained your IDE license from License Vault or License Server

At the moment, you can’t start an AI Assistant trial if your IDE license was obtained from License Vault or License Server. To try AI Assistant, talk to your employer about requesting a corporate trial.

AI Assistant is blocked in your company

By default, AI Assistant is blocked in all organizations. If your IDE is activated with a commercial license provided by your employer, ask your organization admin to enable AI Assistant in your company.

If your admin has already enabled AI Assistant but you still can’t use it, try following these steps to refresh your access settings.

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