Add an administrator to an organization profile

We automatically provide administrator permissions for an organization profile to the person whose email address was used to purchase or request licenses for this organization. 

If necessary, you can invite additional administrators. All the administrators of the same entity have the same permissions. For more information about the administrator role, consult Roles and Permissions.

You must have organization administrator permissions to complete these steps. 
If you need help getting administrator permissions for your company's profile, please contact our Sales team.

Send the invitation

  1. Login to your JetBrains Account.
  2. In the menu on the left side, click your organization's name.
    Enter account.png
  3. Click Administration.
    Select Administration.png
  4. Click the Invite Administrator button in the upper-right corner.
  5. You will see the invitation email template. Click Go to email client to open it in your default email client and send it to the administrator you're adding.
  6. You can also copy the text of the invitation and send it to the potential administrator using a messaging app or any other means of communication.

Wait for the new administrator to accept the invitation

When the receiver of the invitation clicks the link in the email, they will be redirected to the JetBrains Account sign-in page. They will need to sign in to an existing JetBrains Account or to create a new one.


Once they sign in, their JetBrains Account will gain administrator permissions for your organization's profile.

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