What is a JetBrains Account?

A JetBrains Account is your single interaction point for JetBrains products and services. It provides easy and safe access to your licenses, seamless upgrades, and makes the migration to new hardware smooth. For Commercial customers, a JetBrains Account is a simple and convenient way to access and manage your purchases, distribute licenses to users, view your order history, and more.

You can use your JetBrains Account with the following JetBrains services:

Technically, your JetBrains Account is a combination of your email address and password registered at account.jetbrains.com. You can use these credentials in the following ways:

  • To log in online to JetBrains services.

  • To evaluate JetBrains software.
  • To activate JetBrains software if the corresponding license is linked to your account.

  • To track all your licenses on the JetBrains Account website.

  • To manage your organization's commercial licenses on the JetBrains Account website. See JetBrains Account Admin / User roles.

  • To use EAP builds of JetBrains IDEs, which require a JetBrains Account starting from version 2021.2.

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