What are the primary contact roles?

There are 3 primary contact roles that can be setup on an account. It is possible to have more than one of the same type of primary contact (i.e. you can have multiple Primary Billing Contacts for your account).


Primary Billing Contact

A Primary Billing Contact will receive all renewal notifications, billing inquiries, and copies of online invoices that are emailed from JetBrains.


Primary Technical Contact

A Primary Technical Contact will receive all notifications regarding product upgrades, bug fixes, and technical issues.


Primary Licensee Contact

A Primary Licensee Contact will receive all renewal notifications, as well as a copy of each license certificate that is sent when an order is processed.


An account administrator can add or remove an existing contact as a primary Billing/Technical/Licensee contact on the account.

This is done from the Contacts page by clicking the Edit link associated with a particular contact, checking or unchecking the boxes for the appropriate primary contact role, and then clicking save.














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