Why are users' names hidden in the list of assigned licenses?

If you’re a team or organization admin, you might notice that some users’ names are partially replaced with asterisks in the list of assigned licenses.

Assigned licenses list - Hidden name.png

In some cases, we partially hide the names of users for the additional protection of personal data. This happens when both of the following conditions are true:

  • The user’s license was assigned manually.
  • The user is not and has never been on the list of contacts in your organization’s profile.

Conversely, users’ names are fully displayed if at least one of the conditions above is not true. So you will see a user's full name if they got their license via bulk invitation or if they currently are or have ever been on the list of contacts.

If you’re an organization admin, click on your organization's name in the menu on the left and then select Contacts to see the list of contacts.

Why do we hide the users’ names only in the case of manual assignment?

In the case of bulk assignment, users have to explicitly agree to receive the license from your organization by clicking the invitation link. By contrast, manual assignment is done by admins and does not involve the participation of users at all, which is why we don't display their names in this case.

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