Assigning commercial licenses to end-users manually

A license can be assigned to an end-user at any time by the administrator of the team/organization that is the owner of the license. If you need help getting setup as an admin, please contact our sales department.


To assign a license by product:

  1. Login at
  2. On the left, click your Organization/Team name.
  3. Click Active Subscriptions under the specific product.
  4. Click Assign and enter the end-user’s information (first, last, email). They will receive an email with all the necessary license information to get up and running.









Alternatively, you may distribute licenses by:

  • Using a bulk invitation link for a specific product taken from the purchase delivery screen or in the list of licenses that belong to the organization. The single link gives access to the pool of licenses available to the team and needs to be sent to the users entitled to use the product. Once a user activates the link, one license from the pool is allocated to the user. The license becomes unavailable for distribution to other users until you revoke it from the user or the user returns it to the pool.
  • Using the Floating License Server to distribute licenses on per-machine basis (without assigning to named end-users) if you own more than 50 active subscriptions in total.


If someone has left your organization and you need to reassign the license to a different end-user, you can do so as described here.

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