What are teams in JetBrains Account?

Essentially, teams are subdivisions of licenses within your organization's profile. If you are an organization admin, you can create teams to manage different parts of your organization separately.

Grouping licenses into teams can help keep license management simple, whether that's sorting by department, the particular tools your developers use, or some other grouping that works for your company.

Teams can also be created automatically when you purchase certain subscriptions for your organization, for example, TeamCity Server or Space Cloud, or when you purchase through a sales representative.

You can assign different sets of licenses to different teams and invite team administrators to delegate the management of the team’s licenses to them.

Additionally, if you're an organization administrator, you can:

Team administrators can only manage licenses that belong to their teams. To learn more about the permissions of team administrators, refer to the page on roles in JetBrains Account.

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