Helpdesk pricing and licensing

YouTrack Server subscriptions include up to 3 support agents by default, which means that you can start using YouTrack Helpdesk for free by creating a Helpdesk project with 3 support agents and unlimited reporters – customers who submit tickets.

The YouTrack Server free trial includes 100 support agents along with 10,000 users for 60 days. Please click here to start your trial. After the trial period expires, your YouTrack will go back to the free plan with 10 users and 3 support agents.

If you need 4 or more support agents, you can switch to a paid subscription or add agents to your existing paid subscription if you already have an active user pack subscription.

Each support agent also requires a user license. For example, if your team consists of 25 members and 20 of them are regular users and 5 are support agents, you will pay for a 25-user pack and 5 support agents for your YouTrack subscription. Feel free to use our YouTrack Server price calculator to estimate your costs.

It's possible to add any number of agents to your subscription at any time.  The option to increase the number of agents in your subscription is available when extending the subscription for at least 1 year from the purchase date. Your quote for adding agents in the middle of the existing subscription period will include the price for additional agents, as well as the price for extending the current subscription user pack for at least 1 year starting from the purchase date.

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