How do I add more users to my YouTrack Server subscription?

You can increase your YouTrack user limit at any time if you have an active ‘support and updates’ subscription by purchasing a user pack upgrade. When you purchase a user pack upgrade, your ‘support and updates’ subscription is renewed for 1 year, and the value of your unused subscription is deducted from the price of the user pack upgrade. You can also purchase a user pack upgrade within 1 year after your subscription expires, in which case the user pack upgrade price will include a 1-year subscription extension.

Example. If you have a 25-user-pack, and when the subscription ends, would like to upgrade to a 250-user pack, the price will consist of 2 items:
- the price for an upgrade from 25 to 250-user pack from the website – $7900, plus
- the price for extending the 25-user pack for another year from the website – $550.
If you decide to do upgrade it in the middle of the current subscription for a 25-user pack, the price for extending the 25-user pack will be lessened accordingly.

Note that user pack upgrades cannot be stacked or combined. For example, you cannot combine 25- and 50-user pack upgrades to enable YouTrack for 75 users. To accommodate 75 users, you would need to purchase a 100-user pack upgrade.

Visit the YouTrack website for upgrade price calculations for subscriptions started after August 1, 2020.

If your YouTrack subscription was activated before August 1, 2020, and you have continued to renew it on time, you remain on the legacy pricing plan with a great discount on the price per user-pack compared to the new license pricing plan. Upgrades to 50, 100, 500, 2000, or more users are available to you for as long as you remain on the legacy pricing plans. To see the current upgrade prices, sign in to your JetBrains Account or contact our Sales team.

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