How do I manage and distribute licenses within my organization?


Assigning licenses

As the person responsible for handling licenses, you can distribute licenses to individuals from within the JetBrains Account. Licenses can be distributed in two ways:

Via an invitation link.

You send out a URL, and anyone that can access the URL can request a license. They then connect this license with their JetBrains Account (which they can create if they don't already have one). Once connected, they can activate the subscription from within the product itself using their JetBrains Account.

Direct assignments via email.

You can assign licenses to an individual or multiple individuals by providing their first name, last name, and email address. 


Offline Activation Codes and Perpetual Fallback License

When assigning licenses, the recipients will also receive an offline activation code which serves if they have a connectivity issue. This offline activation code is also the perpetual fallback license for subscriptions that are 12 months in duration. 


Video tutorials

Below are a series of short, focused tutorials that will walk you through different aspects of license management


Purchasing new subscriptions

Describes how to make a purchase as a new customer and what to do once you receive a confirmation email.


Inviting users via invitation link

Describes how to invite users using an invite link accessible by all and how to generate new invite links.


Individual and Bulk License Assignments

Describes how to assign licenses to an individual or multiple individuals via e-mail invitations, as well as providing offline activation codes.


Requesting Activation Codes

Describes how to provide offline activation codes for users.


Active Users and License Revocation

Describes how to see active licenses and revoke assigned licenses from users.


Creating Teams

Describes how to create teams within your organization and distribute licenses between these.


Additional Purchases

Describes how to make additional purchases as an existing customer and associate it with an existing or new team.


Account Operations

Overview of different things that you can do with your account such as converting single product subscriptions to All Products, managing upgrades, getting quotes, etc.

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