What is a Subscription Pack?

The Subscription Pack serves as a way to co-term subscriptions expiring at different times to the same expiration date. This happens when the first license(s) in the pack comes due.

For example, below we have Subscription Pack 0220/ULFQXOB with 7 annual subscriptions expiring at different times:


3 x IntelliJ IDEA valid till April 24, 2020

1 x PyCharm valid till Jan 30, 2021

3 x WebStorm valid till March 24, 2021




When the subscriptions expiring first are up for renewal, they will be renewed for a full year. Everything else in the Subscription Pack will be renewed to the same expiration date to match:

In the example above, the next renewal will co-term all 7 subscriptions so they expire at the same time on April 24, 2021:
3 x IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate are renewed Apr 25, 2020 - Apr 24, 2021 (full 365 days)
1 x PyCharm is renewed Jan 31, 2021 - Apr 24, 2021 (prorated for 84 days)
3 x WebStorm are renewed Mar 25, 2021 - Apr 24, 2021 (prorated for 31 days)


You can renew the Subscription Pack online by clicking the Check price & renew link. If auto renewals are enabled, you will be automatically charged for the renewal on the Next payment date.





• You can enable or disable auto renewals for a Subscription Pack at any time. Reminders will be sent prior to the Subscription Pack expiring, which will indicate whether or not the Subscription Pack is setup for auto renewals.

• You can cancel any subscription that you plan to let expire, which will remove it from the Subscription Pack.
• You can move subscriptions onto a different Subscription Pack, or onto an entirely new one.
• All licenses in the same Subscription Pack are renewed together, which may not be ideal if different groups of licenses belong to different departments, cost centers, etc. Companies may have multiple subscription packs to arrange billing schedules, payment totals and payment methods for different groups of licenses according to their needs.


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