How to transfer licenses between teams?

All licenses within an organization profile can be transferred between teams. This function can come in handy if you want to delegate the management of specific licenses to the person responsible for a specific organization team.

To transfer licenses, you must be an administrator of the organization profile. For more information, see Roles and Permissions.

To transfer licenses by product:


  1. Login at
  2. On the left, click your Organization.
    Enter account.png
  3. Click Active Subscriptions under the product you would like to transfer.
    Active subscriptions.png
  4. Select the license you want to transfer, click Manage, and choose Transfer to another team.
    Manage licenses dropdown.png
  5. Select the new team you will move the license into, then click Transfer.


  6. After transferring, we can see that license M03E2ICTCD has successfully been moved from the Java Team to the Web Dev Team.
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