Assigning commercial licenses to end-user using bulk invitations

If you are an administrator of an Organization or Team, you can assign multiple subscriptions at once by sending a single invitation link to the end-users.


1. In the "Teams" section of the Organization Profile, click on the Team name. In the example below, we will create an invitation link for the 3 unused IntelliJ IDEA subscriptions in our Java Team.




2. In the "Invitations" section, click "Create Invitation" to create a new invitation link. Note you can restrict the email domain so that only a company email address can be used to accept a license.




3. Once the invitation link is created, you can send it to the end-users. Anyone who receives this URL will be able to take one of the available licenses by clicking the link and creating a JetBrains Account (or signing into an existing one if they already have one).

Once connected, the end-user can activate the product itself using their JetBrains Account username and password.




4. You will receive an email notification when an end-user has successfully accepted a license. However you can also view who has accepted a license, see the number of remaining available licenses, and revoke licenses from the "Invitations" page.





















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